Friday, 15 June 2012

Three year plan

I have just completed my RDA1a form and so I now have a workplan:

Year 1 Tasks

  • Undertake literature review on the latest damage models generally and in the field of power electronics. This will include previous Univ Greenwich work.
  • Review and document damage models and material models for (i) Wire Bonds, (ii) SnAg solder joints and Iiii) Sintered Silver joints
  • Demonstrate damage mechanics modelling using simple model in ANSYS & PHYSICA.
  • Work closely with University of Nottingham team – obtain data for use in new model development
  • Develop damage models for wirebonds and SnAg solder
  • Investigate how to include microstructure effects in the models
  • Use ROMARA to develop reduced order models for above damage models
  • Work closely with Dr Hua Lu to embed above models into POWERLIFE software
  • Present research at department PhD presentations
  • Prepare paper for EuroSime 2013 conference
  • Consider writing a review paper for IEEE CPMT Transactions

Year 2 Tasks

  • Verify accuracy of models developed for wirebonds and SnAg silver
  • Work closely with Univ Nottingham to obtain data on Sintered Silver joints
  • Develop a damage model for Sintered Silver Joints including microstrure effects
  • Validate above model with data from Univ Nottingham and industrial partners
  • Write paper for EPTC conference (Singapore)
  • Disseminate work at school PhD seminars
  • Write journal paper for ASME Microelectronics Reliability
  • Work closely with Dr Hua Lu to embed Sintered Silver models into POWERLIFE
  • Quantify the accuracy of current models using data from Univ Nottingham and Industrial partners
  • Complete MPHIL/PHD transfer

Year 3 Tasks

  • Quantify process variations and model uncertainty for wire bond and die attach materials
  • Capture above variations into POWERLIFE software to provide a framework for design for Robustness
  • review physics-of-failure based prognostics models
  • Identify methodology to include developed damage models into a real-time prognostics and health monitoring framework
  • Use the schools NI PXI system to demonstrate the above.
  • Disseminate research at schools PhD seminar
  • prepare paper for ECTC conference in USA.
  • Write paper for Applied Mathematical Modelling Journal.
  • Prepare contents page for PhD thesis and agree with supervisors
  • Write PhD thesis
Should be fun... Travelling, writing papers and learning new software. Right I better get back to work.

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